“I have fished with guide Shane Reynolds on several occasions in the Northwest including Alaska were my son and I have spent two weeklong salmon trips floating 60 miles of river catching salmon and making life long memories and friends.  Shane is a fishy guide who knows how to catch fish.  He is a great oarsman who can navigate technical rapids with ease. His photography will help make your trip a lasting memory. By the way his Dutch oven meals are to die for! You will enjoy taking a trip with Shane!”

-Steve Madison, Sevierville, TN

“I have been fortunate enough to fish with Shane Reynolds for the last 15 years and over that time he has taken me all across Idaho and Washington for all kinds of different fishing trips. From trout, steelhead , Salmon and even sturgeon fishing and all of my time on the water with him has been amazing, the service at Northwest Fishing Expeditions is exceptional. I would highly recommend NFE to everyone. Thank you Shane for making every trip a wonderful memory.”

-Jay Goodman

“Fishing is my passion, trying to find the time to go as much as I would like, is almost impossible. So when I do get a chance to hit the rivers, I make the best of it by choosing the right guide. Shane of Northwest is my guide. He puts me on the fish, and always helps me make the most of my fishing adventures. Shane is pretty fishy! From the waters of the peninsula to the inner mountain rivers, he knows how to get it done. For my money I would choose Northwest Fishing Expeditions every trip. Fishing the Washington Peninsula with Shane was an amazing time. Shane’s knowledge of the river flows and the fish runs was the key to putting me on the biggest, and brightest steelhead of my life. Looking forward to the 2014 run of springer’s, and fishing with Northwest Fishing Adventures. Shane always treats my buddies and I right.”

-Bryan Johnson, Meridian Idaho
AKA / Finchaser

“Shane is an excellent steelhead guide. I would highly recommend him. He reads the water differently from any other guide on the river. Its one thing to follow the leader ducks in a row…its another to do something completely different from everyone else on the river and stack the steelhead in the boat! Im not rich. A guided trip like this is a rare thing for me and an extremely important decision to me…that said. I don’t know a better guide in Wa or Idaho I would want for my once in a lifetime steelhead trip.”

-David Raines