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The Northwest Fishing Experience – Your Heller Bar, Hells Canyon, Buoy 10, and Columbia River premier guides


northwest fishingGuided Fishing Trips on the Snake River at the entrance to Hells Canyon and Heller Bar, Columbia River at Astoria and Buoy 10 and the Grande Ronde River.

Our guides at Northwest Fishing Expeditions are dedicated to putting you on fish and helping you become a better angler. Whether you are a life long angler that enjoys Gear Fishing or Fly Fishing or just getting into the sport…. we are here to customize your trip to ensure the best fishing experience possible!!!

Looking for that great fishing experience? Northwest Fishing Expeditions offers exceptional comfort and convenience to our guests. We will make sure that every aspect of your trip will meet and exceed your needs.

Northwest Fishing Expeditions is a customer based company with the goal to meet any special request, we will modify your trip to fit any needs you may have.

We encourage you to bring your friends, loved ones and of course children… There is nothing better than seeing a young angler hook up and reel in a fighting Steelhead, Salmon or prehistoric Sturgeon. The excitement in their eyes and smile on their face is UNFORGETTABLE!!!!

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