Northwest Fishing Expeditions

Washington and Oregon’s Premiere Salmon, Steelhead, Sturgeon, and Walleye Fishing Guides, on the Snake and Columbia River.


We fish these following areas:

  • The Snake River at Heller Bar

  • The Snake River at Little Goose Dam and Lower Granite Dam

  • The Snake River near Lyons Ferry

  • The Columbia River between The Dalles and John Day Dams

  • The Columbia River at the Wind River and Drano Lake

  • The Columbia River at Buoy 10, Astoria, and the Hanford Reach

  • The Columbia River at Portland between I-5 and I-205 Bridges

  • The Columbia River at Brewster, Washington


Northwest Fishing Expeditions is dedicated to putting you on fish and helping you become a better angler. We are here to customize your trip to ensure the best fishing experience possible!!!

Looking for that great fishing experience?  Northwest Fishing Expeditions offers exceptional comfort and convenience to our guest.  We will make sure that every aspect of your trip will meet and exceed your needs.

Northwest Fishing Expeditions is also a customer based company with the goal to meet  any special request, we will modify your trip to fit any needs you may have.

Please take some time to watch this informative video on the future of Salmon & Steelhead. Visit the Wild & Hatchery website at